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Pets & Their People

​We have been taking our cats to Dr. Joe Thibedeau for about eight years. He is truly the kindest, most gentle, and most thorough veterinarian I have ever met. From routine health care, to dental cleaning, to spaying, and even to the pain of dealing with old animals facing terminal illnesses, Joe has been outstanding. Probably his finest (and most regrettably *uncommon*) trait among vets and other health professionals is his generosity with his time. He once spent an hour in the evening on the phone with my wife, reviewing the extremely grim results of a biopsy he did for one of our cats, and he never once seemed weary or in a hurry, which anyone after 6:00 p.m. must be. I have recommended him to friends and colleagues and will continue to do so.
Pleasant Hill
“I have been taking my pets to the vets at Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital for 18 years and five pets. They have been professional, knowledgeable and caring during that time, always providing me with all of the treatment options available. Their support staff is just as wonderful. On the occasion of losing a pet, they were there with me all the way. I cannot say enough good things about them!”

We adopted a puppy from ARF and were very picky about which vet clinic we chose for our new furry friend. After asking around and calling almost every clinic in Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill we decided that Dr. Thibedeau was going to be our vet. Our puppy had two very serious ear infections and we had to visit Dr Thibedeau and his team many times before it was cleared up. He was so nice and sweet and really passionate about the way his patients are cared for. Even though the testing was uncomfortable for our puppy, the team did everything they could to make sure he felt safe and wasn't scared. Also, for routine shots there isn't a sitting fee to see the technicians which is a huge difference compared to other vet clinics, and this saved us a great deal of money. One of the most impressive things we learned is that Dr. Thibedeau is concerned with unnecessary vaccinations or vaccinations which can harm dogs and cats. Thank you Dr Thibedeau and your amazing team, our pup loves going to the vet and seeing you all.
Walnut Creek

How to send us photographs

There’s nothing like seeing the family online! We like to feature our clients and their people on the Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital web site. You can e-mail a digital file as an attachment to us at jane@hillcrestvet.com. This address is ONLY for photos! 

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